How To Make Diffuser Smell Stronger? | 7 Hacks + Tips

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In this guide, we discuss some hacks & proven ways to how to make diffuser smell stronger.

Looking to make your home smell a little bit better? 

A diffuser can be a great way to do just that! 

However, if you’re finding that your diffuser doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, there may be a few things you can do to make it stronger. 

How To Make Diffuser Smell Stronger

Check out these tips for making your diffuser smell stronger and see how you can get the most out of this handy tool!

How To Make Diffuser Smell Stronger?

There are quite a few tricks you can do to make your diffuser smell stronger. 

Room Capacity 

First of all, you should know that the size and thickness of the room are important things when using an oil diffuser. 

Keep in mind that if your room is big then it will take a longer time for the oils to spread through the air, but if your space is small, don’t worry because it will work faster. 

Big Room = Scents Spreads Slower / Takes a Long Time

Small Room = Scents Spreads Faster / Takes Short Time

Try to buy a high capacity diffuser for large rooms and low capacity for small rooms like office, workstation & bathroom.

There are other things you can do to make sure your oils are at their best strength. 

room diffuser placement diagram
Optimum Placement of diffuser in a room

Add Some Wood Sticks

The wood sticks which are commonly used with oil burners are also useful tools when making your aroma reach its desired strength. 

If there’s no floating stick in the bottle then try adding wood chips or even cinnamon sticks into it. 

They won’t, however, increase the smell all by themselves. You’ll need to add a few drops of oil too. 

Increase Heat 

Another way to make your scent stronger is by turning up the heat on your oil burner or diffuser. This will help evaporate the oils faster and bring more aroma into your room within a very short time span.

Increase heat to make the aroma spread super fast.

7 Hacks To Make Smell Super Strong!

Here are some more tips that you can apply when using an essential oils diffuser:

Use Warm Water

Use room temperature water when filling your diffuser since cold water can reduce the evaporation speed of oils. 

Warm water is, however, better if you want to spread the aroma quickly.

Room temperature works best for those who prefer a subtle scent all day long.

Sprinkle Some Coffee Beans

If there are no wooden sticks in your oil then try using cinnamon sticks or even coffee beans! 

They will make your essential oils mix together more easily and create an even stronger fragrance. 

Keep them in for about 10 minutes before turning off the diffuser.

Align It To Centre

place diffuser at centre

Keep your diffuser in a room where it can circulate the air without any problems. 

If you keep it near curtains or furniture then the scent won’t go far because of possible obstructions.

Match Essential Oil To Diffuser Size Ratio


The size also matters when using an oil diffuser! Make sure to check how many milliliters of water does your device hold before adding essential oils into it. 

how many drops of essential oil in diffuser

It’ll work best if you match these two numbers since they will determine how much smell goes into the air at once.

Avoid Suffocation

Filter the room by opening windows for 15 minutes after turning on your oil burner or diffuser so that all the excess fragrance goes outside through the windows rather than staying inside with you! 

This tip is especially useful in places where you can’t open windows because of weather conditions.

Place On Flat Surface

Your oil diffuser should be secured on a flat surface so that it won’t fall over and spill water everywhere! Make sure the bottom is wide enough to help keep it in place even without any support.

essential oil position 1

Sprinkle Some Salts

If you want your oil burner to work faster then add some salt into the water before adding oils. 

This way, not only will they mix together but also evaporate faster leading to a more potent fragrance within minutes! 

Be careful not to use too much salt since this ingredient could make your device rust or get clogged up if used for longer periods every day.

DIY To Make Smell Strong At HOME!

1. Use lemon or orange peels to make the house smells better while you are not at home. 

  • Fill a little bowl with water
  • Add a few drops of either fresh lemon/orange juice or oil to it
  • Then drop them into the hot water in the diffuser. 

You can also combine both citrus juices i.e. orange juice with lemon oil for an amazing fragrance! 

This will give the place a nice citrusy smell which will spread thickly throughout the room after being heated up by the diffuser’s warming plate!

2. Add dried flowers or petals sachets to the infusers’ tray so that they give a good smelling aroma when they get heated up.

3. Use dried spices to make your house smell like a kitchen! 

  • Take cinnamon sticks, cloves, bay leaves, etc., and place them in the tray of the diffuser. 
  • Fill water into it until it reaches about 3/4th of the tray level. 
  • Put the cover on and switch it on for a few hours. 

Your entire kitchen will smell heavenly! You can also try this tip with other herbs such as rosemary or basil to give your home an Italian flavor!

4. You can put coffee beans to give off an amazing aroma that is strong enough to be felt throughout your office or home!

5. Take advantage of adding essential oils with less than 10% concentration (like lavender) into the hot water in order to make them water-soluble and add the mixture into your diffuser. 

This will not change the intensity of the fragrance, but will increase its duration significantly!

How to Make a Reed Diffuser Smell Stronger?

If you are the type of person who likes to use room fresheners that emit strong scents then it’s best that you also know how to make reed diffusers smell stronger

Reed diffusers are portable and can be carried around during travels, which makes them an ideal alternative for cleaning up smells in small spaces or when there is no electrical outlet nearby. 

The scent of a reed diffuser is subtle so in order to maximize its effectiveness, it has to be made to smell stronger. 

Here are some tips on how to make your reed diffuser smell stronger:

Use the right oil concentrated perfume – just like any other kind of fragrance, reed diffusers need essential oils in order for the air freshener to achieve its scented effects. 

Since these are concentrated perfume oils, they can make your reed diffuser emit stronger smells even with just a few drops of oil.

Add more essential oil to your reed diffuser – Ff the noticeable scent of your reed diffuser is still subtle after adding one or two drops of essential oils then you might need to add more in order for it to become stronger. 

Make sure that the surface area of the liquid at the bottom is covered up by adding more oil so that most parts of each reed are already saturated and ready to release its scent into the air. 

Over saturating your reed diffuser may cause leakage through so make sure that you don’t do too much until there’s no more liquid oil.

Shake your reed diffuser before use – the reason why other people say that shaking one’s perfume bottle makes its smell stronger is that it spreads out its concentrated essences which mix with air to release a more pleasant scent. 

Since this is true for all kinds of perfumes, you can also try this trick on your reed diffuser by shaking off excess oil from the bottom onto the sides after each time it has been used. 

This will make sure that there are not too many oils left at one part and that every bit of essential oil within the container gets used up evenly.

Use multiple reed diffusers – if you have a big room or an entire floor in your house then it’s best that you use multiple reed diffusers. 

If this is not possible then you might want to move your reed diffuser from time to time in order for each part of the house to be able to absorb its scents evenly. 

It also helps if you add more drops of concentrated perfume oil in a single reed diffuser when it has been moved from one place to another so that the scent won’t fade out when it gets absorbed by walls or furniture.

Use large reed diffusers – if you are using small bottles or vials of concentrated essential oil perfumes then these may run out faster than usual due to constant usage. 

Since refills for reed diffusers are often hard to come by, filling up bigger containers with your favorite essential oils will help you save more money in the long run. 

Also, since one big bottle can already last for weeks or months, you won’t have to frequently buy refill bottles from the market which helps keep your living spaces free from hazardous chemicals too.

Make sure your reed diffusers are clean – if you want a reed diffuser to release a stronger smell then it has to be clean and filled with fresh liquid oils at all times. 

Make sure that this container is kept away from dust and dirt because even just a tiny bit of dirt can block up its pores and make it less effective in releasing any scents into the air. 

If you want to use more than one kind of scented reed diffuser at the same time, you can try mixing different kinds of essential oils with each other to achieve a more unique scent. 

Once you hit upon the combination that makes your air freshener smell better then you can even make it into a signature perfume blend that other people might also want to buy from you.

Do not place your reed diffusers too close to hot areas – if possible, avoid placing your reed diffuser near anything which may heat up or cause a fire because this will ruin its aromatic properties very quickly. 

To maximize the effectiveness of any kind of air fresheners, make sure that there is proper ventilation within the room where it is placed too so as to allow enough air circulation order for strong scents to be distributed evenly. 

When buying a reed diffuser, you should always take note of the ingredients in your preferred essential oil so that you will know if it can be used with other kinds too.

How To Make An Ultrasonic Diffuser Smell Stronger?

Many ultrasonic diffusers have a small opening at the top where you can add a few drops of essential oil. 

However, sometimes the smell coming out of this tiny opening isn’t strong enough. Fortunately, there are a few tricks to make your diffuser smell stronger.

We have done some research and asked around on how to get the most from an ultrasonic diffuser and here’s what we found out:

Add 1 or 2 drops more than usual: Diffusing slightly more oil will give you great results as well as lasting longer. 

The best way to do this is by placing 1-2 extra drops in next to the first drop so it wets the surface. 

Or you could also use a smaller bottle with a pipette.

Use a diffuser with a bigger opening: If your diffuser comes with an opening, make sure it’s at least  0.5-1 inch in diameter to give the oil enough space to spread out. 

Make sure to clean the diffuser regularly as well as any essential oil residue will clog up the small holes and reduce the smell.

Don’t diffuse for too long Diffusing: oils can become less effective over time as they start to evaporate. 

This is called “the law of diminishing returns” which states that after about 30 minutes, there isn’t much left of essential oils in your air, so it makes no sense to keep running your diffuser longer than 30 minutes. 

This is especially important as most diffusers keep running as long as they’re plugged in.

Diffuse with the lid off: Some people prefer having the lid on to not waste essential oils with evaporation. 

However, if you do it this way, your diffuser won’t spread out the scent very well, so it will be a lot weaker. 

If you want a stronger smell, it’s better to have the lid off.

Reduce airflow: We’ve found that some ultrasonic diffusers work better if you reduce the airflow from high to low or even medium. 

If there isn’t enough airflow, the motor struggles too much which causes disruptive sounds and reduces the diffusion effect. 

In addition, it could cause overheating which is not good for the diffuser.

Cover the opening with tape: What if you have an ultrasonic diffuser without a big enough opening? 

No need to worry, just put some masking tape over it so it makes a bigger surface area. 

For example, if your diffuser has a small opening of 0.5 inches in diameter, use 2 pieces of 1inch masking tape side-by-side to increase this to 1 inch. 

Then diffuse as usual and enjoy!

One last tip If all of these tips fail but you still want your ultrasonic diffuser to work at its full potential, there’s one more thing you can do: replace the water & essential oil mixture with 100% pure essential oils.

How Do I Get The Fragrance To Smell Stronger?

The strength of a scent is determined by the percentage of pure perfume oil in the little glass vial we call a ‘bottle’. 

Although many people will refer to this as the Eau De Parfum or EDT – these terms actually just refer to how much water and alcohol have been added to the perfume. 

The higher that percentage, and consequently the less time it takes for your skin’s natural heat to evaporate some off, the stronger it smells on you. 

That being said, different fragrances are stronger at different concentrations, some are simply smellier by nature (and sometimes vintage formulations are far stronger due to the fact that the perfume oil they are composed of is more concentrated, they have not been watered down like modern formulations).

Some folks will react differently to different scents (some skin chemistries simply smell certain ingredients, like oakmoss or patchouli far stronger than others. 

This is often why people think perfumes smell differently on each wearer. 

Another factor with strength is how much you apply – with most fragrances only 2-3 sprays per use is enough (the industry standard).

But many women end up using 10X that amount because they do not like how soft the scent seems to be at first.

Before your next spritz, press your palm against your opposite palm for a few seconds. Then smell your palms. 

You are smelling the alcohol evaporating from your skin because much of the actual fragrance has been trapped in the oils of your skin when you applied it.

 – this is why it smells stronger on your hands than on your wrist or neck, where the alcohol has not had time to settle down into the perfume. 

This is also why you should always let a fragrance dry down for 5 minutes after application before applying any other products over top (like hairspray).


If you’re looking for an easy way to make your home smell great and are willing to try something new, we suggest that you give a diffuser a try!

We hope this article has helped you learn some ways to make your diffuser smell stronger.

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